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How Does Your Bike Fit?

Your body is unique, but your standard bicycle frame is based on averages.  The relationship between them can be tricky.

A correctly-sized frame is the first step in attaining the perfect bicycle. Just as important, component configuration is essential to accommodate a cyclist’s individual proportions and needs. To get every part of the bicycle working with your unique body, we invite you into our Fit Studio.


For all levels of cyclist, a proper fit is critical to increase comfort, power and efficiency.

Our fit process adjusts the bike to the body, not the body to the bike. With certifications from both Serotta and Specialized fit schools, the RCB Fit Staff has extensive knowledge of established biomechanical principles and advanced fitting methodology. After evaluating your body structure and flexibility in a detailed pre-fit assessment, we tailor the dynamic fit using Specialized BG FIT Data video capture software. The end result is a comprehensive fit designed to increase comfort, power and efficiency, and ultimately, your enjoyment on the bike.

Feedback from fit clients:

Thank you very much for the report, cool stuff, and the fit is great. I have never felt so comfortable and strong while doing a century like I was at RTB Saturday. Huge difference, not only with how my body felt during and post ride but also the numbers for power, time, average speed etc. Thanks again!

C. Johnston

I was in for a fitting for my Cannondale Super six in January. I wanted to let you know that I have been on some long rides and the bike feels
great! I appreciate the time you took with me. It is so nice not to have stingers on a ride.

N. Cantlin

Just a quick update. I think my fit is crazy good. I have gone for two three-hour rides and both times I have never enjoyed the “bike” experience more. And as my friends that race say, it’s all in the fit.

J. Ternberg


Full-Body Fit     $175 (2.5 hours)

The RCB Full-Body Fit is the most complete fit available. In addition to offering on-the-bike measurement and assessment, we incorporate stop-motion analysis using Specialized BG FIT Data video capture. This allows us to take measurements in both a static and dynamic environment and compare the results for greater accuracy. The broad range of drawing tools included in the software enables us to measure angles and distances that simply can’t be replicated with static measurement tools alone. Most importantly, it allows you to see what we see. The captured video images will show you a before-and-after of your cycling position, so you can immediately feel and see the improvements to your posture.

Our process begins with a brief interview to discuss your cycling goals and injury concerns. We then observe body structure and assess flexibility and range of motion to determine multiple positioning factors. Once on your bike, we start and the power source – your feet- and work upward to ankles, knees, hips, torso, shoulders, elbows, and hands. The progression coordinates each position point: cleat placement, saddle height, saddle fore and aft location, stem length and angle, bar width and rotation and brake lever position. Video analysis facilitates these precise adjustments, often to the millimeter. Evaluation by this established accomplishes the ultimate goal: comfort, power and efficiency on the bike.


Specialty Time Trial/Triathlon Fit     $200 (2.5 hours)

This is our Full-Body Fit, designed for time trial/triathlon-specific positioning. Using video analysis, we aim for your ideal aero position, and one that enhances aerodynamics while maximizing comfort, power and efficiency. This includes fitting of aero bars.


Custom Bike Fit     $225 (2.5 hours/1 hour)

In Part One, we begin by assessing your goals and cycling style, recoding your body measurements, and evaluating range of motion and flexibility. The we’ll fit you on our adjustable-size cycle to determine the optimum size, geometry and performance characteristics of your new custom bike. When your new bike arrives you will return for Part Two, a Full-Body Fit with video analysis.
(Part One: 2.5 hours. Part Two: 1 hour.)



Because your connection to the bike starts with your feet, we offer a variety of cycling specific footbeds to increase comfort and maximize efficiency. When applicable, cleat shims may also be used to reduce muscle imbalances, improve knee alignment, and refine your pedal stroke. A complete evaluation of your foot structure and pedaling mechanics is included in every fit. (Parts are not included in the fit price.)

Things to know about the fit process

  • Fitting is by appointment only. Please call 503-233-5973 to schedule.
  • Please arrive promptly for your appointment and ready to ride in your usual cycling gear.
  • Please contact us if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment
  • Refits on the same bike are no charge for up to 12 months after your initial fit.
  • If you’re buying new cycling shoes or pedals, please complete your purchase before the fit session starts. RCB staff can help you make your selections before we begin the fit.
  • Parts installation may take more time, and in some cases, incur additional labor charge.
  • Substitute components may be required to create the best fit and are not included in the fit price.