Sponsored Teams

Giro / River City Bicycles

Our Elite Men’s team comprised of staff members and (fast) friends. The team is outfitted in the all-new Giro Chrono Pro team edition jersey and shorts, Synthe helmets, and Empire SLX or Prolight SLX II shoes.


Cyclisme Racing Programs was a racing team that grew out of Portland State University Club Sports in 1992.
In 1995 Cyclisme Racing created a social educational non-profit outreach called Bicycles and Ideas for Kids’ Empowerment, or “b.i.k.e.” “b.i.k.e. is staffed by volunteer racers who, while training to race themselves, help kids come up in bicycle racing too. No one has been more devoted to the mission of b.i.k.e. than River City Bicycles. The kids of b.i.k.e. have shopped here while they grew up, then grown up to work here.”

Learn more about b.i.k.e. here here and here, and take the ride of your life!

Sorella Forte

Sorella Forte – Italian for ‘Strong Sister’ – is a women’s cycling club based in Portland, Oregon. “The club is open to all women who share a passion for riding a bike — ANY bike. We support women who want to race as well as recreational riders looking for others who want to ride on a regular basis.”

Team Rose City

Team Rose City is an organization of dedicated masters-level athletes who care deeply about the sport of bicycle racing and how it can be used to promote community involvement, physical fitness, and fun. TRC is one of the oldest continuous bicycle racing clubs in the West.