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Specialized Secteur Sport Disc


Specialized delivers a disc-brake version of the popular road bike. We’re fans.

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Secteur Sport Disc

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Since the road bike became a distinct style of bicycle, manufacturers have been optimizing them primarily for speed. Speed, after all, is a road bike’s thing. It goes fast.

As a result, road bikes have become a bit like convertible sports cars. On a sunny day you wouldn’t trade it for anything, but in wet weather you become acutely aware of the trade-offs. Those ultralight rim brakes aren’t very confidence-inspiring when they’re wet. The aerodynamic, tight clearances around the wheel are unfriendly to fenders, to say the least.

Now we’re seeing some exciting road bikes without all those trade-offs. In 2012, we saw some interesting new road bikes with disc brakes, and 2013 looks to be the year road bikes with disc brakes go mainstream.

Depending on how you define mainstream. Disc brakes are still a little heavier, so on pro racecourses, where grams really matter, rim brakes will still be champion. Fenders aren’t likely to show up on the grand Tours, either.

But they are going to show up in Portland, and all over the place. The is the season for road bikes like the Specialized Secteur Sport Disc. Nobody would call this a hybrid bike. It has the FACT carbon fork, the vibration-dampening aerodynamic frame, and all the other elements that make a Secteur a true road bike. It just happens to have a set of Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes as well. Plus, it has mounts and, more importantly, clearance for full fenders.

Secteur Sport Disc is one of a number of disc-equipped road bikes we’re getting for 2013. If you like the idea of mixing the peanut butter of disc brakes with the chocolate that is a road bike, stop by River City and let us show you an expanding array of options.

To inquire about this product, call our main store at 503-233-5973.

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