Reacharound Fender Brackets

Reacharound Fender Brackets

A lot of bikes, particularly performance road bikes, have next-to-no clearance between the wheel and the frame, and there’s not space for a traditional fender. So what is a Portlander supposed to do? Hang up the bike 8 months out of the year? Never!

River City Bicycles has designed an workaround – A Reacharound – that allows for a split-fender installation on bikes that won’t take a traditional fender. Built exclusively for River City Bicycles, each set of Reacharounds includes three special fender-mounting brackets (two for the back and one for the front).

We also include instructions for splitting and mounting a fender set. If at all possible, have a trustworthy bike mechanic take care of the installation, since each bike is different, and a perfectly good set of fenders will need to be cut. Your installation may require additional hardware.

Not in Portland? River City now lets your buy your Reacharounds online.  (Sorry, no international shipping).