Want to trade in towards a new ride?

River City Bicycles now accepts trade-ins, through a partnership with Bicycle Blue Book.

It works like this:
– You bring the bike to us for an assessment of it’s condition.
– Based on that assessment, Bicycle Blue Book establishes its trade-in value.
– If you’re happy with the trade-in value, we take the old bike and you get the credit toward your new one.
It’s a straightforward, quick, and convenient way to get value out of your used bike.

The Trade-Off

Because Bicycle Blue Book resells each trade-in bike, your credit probably won’t be as much as you’d get on the open market. If you’re looking to get the highest dollar for your used bike your best bet is to find a direct buyer.

This trade-in program offers a fair value with exceptional ease and convenience, so we’re happy to provide the service.

Should I Be Ready For A Shakedown In A Smoky Back Room?

No need! The trade-in values are set in advance, though they vary by the condition of the bike. There’s no negotiation involved.

Does River City Sell Used Bikes?

No, our inventory is new bikes only.

2005 and Newer

River City Bicycles accepts bicycles from model year 2005 and newer. We can’t accept bikes older than that, even if the Bicycle Blue Book online tool provides a quote for an older model.