Lance Armstrong and Greg Lemod at RCB

As a dealer for Lemond Bikes, we figured why not have Greg Lemond visit the store to talk with the staff and our customers. So Dave Guettler organized a day of exciting bike activities: an afternoon autograph session, then a leisurely ride across the river to Waterfront park for a bicycle Concourse d’ Elegance – (a bicycle collectors show), followed by an evening presentation. Dave even enlisted long-time friend and noted cycling author Maynard Hershon to emcee the evening festivities.

Greg arrived after lunch on 10/12/99, sharpie in hand to meet the eager crowd. Luckily, the weather cooperated for the bicycle Concourse d’ Elegance where Dave, Maynard, and Greg did the judging honors. The evening presentation drew an incredible 160+ people packed into the store as tight as a tour peloton. Maynard introduced Greg to the crowd by reading a very nice tribute piece and Greg launched into some mesmerizing accounts of his three tour victories. He was in the middle of an entertaining story when he stopped, squinted towards the door, and said “Hello Lance”. There to crash the party was none other that Lance Armstrong, hot on the heels of his first Tour victory. Lance was in town for a different speaking engagement but couldn’t pass up the chance to stop by and say “hi” to another legendary cyclist. What an incredible moment seeing the only two American Tour de France winners together on one stage in, of all places, River City Bicycles! The electricity in the room could have lit up a small town! Lance had to jet after just a few minutes and Greg continued with his presentation. As the evening went on and we all got caught up in Greg’s stories, it seemed that Lance’s visit was like a dream But we have the photographic evidence to prove that it really happened!