Twenty-two years ago, Portland wasn’t yet known as a bicycle destination, but Dave Guettler knew it was the right place and the right time to open his dream bicycle shop.

Guettler, who had spent his adult life working with bicycles, and was a partner in a successful chain of bike shops, had spent a long time planning what he saw as the ultimate bike store — one location with a large, carefully selected inventory and a staff of experts. “As a cycling enthusiast, I wanted to build the store from the perspective of an enthusiast,” Guettler says. “I wanted to give them a store they’d be really excited to walk into.”

By creating a work environment that attracted an excellent staff, and by sharing profits with the employees, River City Bicycles has maintained a low employee turnover, and has built a reputation for customer service. Over the years, the staff has included national cycling champions, up-and-coming frame builders, and passionate community organizers.



We’ve been committed to the local cycling community, sponsoring local teams and clubs, giving to rides races and events since our inception. We’re the title sponsor of the Cross Crusade cyclocross race series, the Mt. Tabor road race series, and Mountain Bike Oregon. Further, we support organizations such Bicycle Transportation Alliance and Northwest Trail Alliance. Our ongoing “Commute By Bike” campaign is one of Guettler’s personal passions, recognizing the combination of human and bicycle as “the perfect machine – the perfect motor”.

River City has also been an innovator. We developed the Reacharound fender bracket for road bikes without fender clearance. Our desire for a good collection of Portland bike rides became the Rubber to the Road guide books and Our trendsetting Full Wood fenders have been featured several times in the national media.

A skilled woodworker, Guettler hand-built our store’s stylish wooden fixtures providing yet another unique experience you won’t find in any other bicycle store. That is, except for the River City Bicycles Outlet Store located just two Portland blocks away.



River City has all sorts of people on staff, but they have two things in common:

1. They love bikes.

2. They know a lot about bikes.

Some of us are racers. Some of us love bike touring; some love mountain biking. A few of us spend their days-off on a BMX bike. We have bike-commuting rabblerousers and others who just want to go on a nice long ride.

Whatever style of riding you’re into, somebody here does it, too. We’re ready with advice when you need it, we’ll understand your odd requests, and we might even have a bike joke you haven’t heard yet.

Learn more about our shop in a  YouTube playlist we’ve created to highlight the special facets of our shop that make us so unique!