Time Bicycles – Sale

Time Bicycles – Sale

As we write this post both the Giro d’Italia and Amgen Tour of California are being contested. Spring is slowly revealing summer and road race season is, ahem, switching into high gear. If road riding and racing is your thing there’s really no better machine than a TIME Sport bicycle. TIME bikes are among the most common ridden and raced by our staff and easily the most recommended to customers who ask for the very best.

What makes a TIME bicycle so good? Well, it’s more than just that they’re made in France though that sure adds some panache, eh? Founded in 1987 by Roland Cattin, TIME first manufactured clipless pedals. Frame production began in 1993 using Resin Transfer Molding and carbon layers the company weaves itself at their factory in Voreppe, France. TIME controls every step of production in house. The result is the legendary TIME ride that has been a favorite of professionals and enthusiasts the world over.

A favorite of RCB staffer, Mark Gyulafia, a national champion cyclist and owner of several TIME bikes himself, “It only takes 20 pedal strokes to feel what the best constructed carbon bikes in the world feels like.” But it’s not just Mark’s opinion, consider what customers have said about TIME bikes they’ve bought from River City Bicycles:

“There is something different about the TIME. No, not different, better. Way better!”

“My previous bikes were like eating toast my entire life. This bike is toast with butter!”

But one more comment from Mark, “A favorite of mine is the Fluidity, TIME’s endurance riding model. It is smoother then any other bike I have ridden but can still climb with the more aggressive racing-oriented models.”

We have several new models in stock though there is still a selection of previous year models at incredible pricing.


TIME NX Ultegra Di2 2013: Was: $7250 Now:$4700

TIME Izon Dura-Ace: Was:$8550 Now: $5500


Time NXs f/s 2013: Was: $4000 Now $3175

Time Fluidity Disc f/s 2015 Was $4495 Now $3500

Time Fluidity AKTIV f/s 2015  Was: $4995 Now $3800