RCB Staff Picks – Gift Guide 2016 #1

RCB Staff Picks – Gift Guide 2016 #1

Every Friday over the next five weeks we’ll post 7 of our top Staff Picks should you be making a list for yourself or checking someone else’s twice. In both stores you’ll find many more Staff Picks clearly marked for easy shopping.

Spurcycle Bell – $49 (Silver) / $59 (Black)

Honk a car horn and you’ll likely get the finger back. Ring a Spurcycle Bell on the Springwater Corridor and you’ll get a wave and maybe even a friendly “thank you”. Precision made in the USA of premium stainless steel and brass. Fits any handlebar. A multiple “Staff Pick” selection as both Graham and Chris agree that Spurcycle’s Bell is the finest component on their bikes.

NiteRider Lumina 750 Boost – $80


The NiteRider Lumina 750 Boost is the perfect light for mountain bikers, road riders, adventure riders and urban commuters. Featuring a proven, ride-tested handlebar strap mount that is sure to remain rock solid whether on the trail or pavement. Mark likes it because, “I can mount it to my helmet or my handlebars and with multiple light output levels I can manage my battery life. Using the low setting, 150 lumens, as my standard setting means I can go for a week or longer without having to recharge the battery.” Lightweight and water resistant, the 750 Boost has a lifetime warranty from the San Diego, California based company that’s been setting the standard for over 25 years.

7Mesh Revelation Jacket – $425

A multiple “Staff Pick” selection, the Revelation is one of the top apparel picks of the year. Ward says, “This is the best rain jacket I’ve ever had. Goretex Pro is more breathable than regular Goretex, so even if it stops raining halfway through my ride, I’m comfortable.  I’ve done 5-hour rides in driving rain in this jacket and I’ve stayed dry (that’s a first). The detachable hood is actually functional and doesn’t obstruct vision or hearing, and the large diagonal pit zips allow me to access the Pop-Tarts in my jersey pocket without unzipping my jacket.”

Hayes adds, “The Revelation is impressively waterproof but very breathable. It’s light, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it, but it’s also sturdy enough for hard backcountry riding.”

Scott Solace 10 Disc – $3000

Rough roads, marathon races, long days in the saddle- all things that the Solace 10 Disc was designed to take on with speed and control. Scott’s HMF carbon technology is built into a comfortable and responsive frame and fork hung with Shimano’s ultra-dependable Ultegra groupset. Shimano’s new flat-mount hydraulic disc brakes excel in bad conditions. Matt says, “Arguably the most race ready endurance road bike we sell. Very smooth, great response, and well-priced.”

ASSOS Chamois Cream -$25

onecolRyan Weaver is to chamois cream what Snoop Dogg is to cannabis, a true connoisseur. Our gift guides will feature a full range of his favorite creams starting with ASSOS Chamois Crème here. The ASSOS blend reduces friction from the pedaling motion, prevents inflammation, and has antibacterial properties to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Made in Switzerland. Ryan says, “Mmmmm, menthol.”

Santa Cruz Hightower – Models from $3599 to $9999

No doubt, this is the sled Santa himself would ride. This 135mm travel carbon frame features double-sealed bearing pivots for stiffness and long-wearing life. Available in either 29″ or 27.5+ wheel options and can be swapped back and forth between the two. Clinton calls the Hightower, “A capable all-rounder that rolls fast, climbs well, and is fun to ride.  A great mountain bike for tall riders, too.”

Bike Snob Book – $20

Everything you need to know to purchase, maintain, and ride a bike for recreation, commuting, competition, travel, and beyond! From the bike world’s most beloved advocate, Eben Weiss, aka BikeSnobNYC. For beginners and experts alike. Highly recommended by Dave, River City Bicycles founder and owner. Paperback, 240 pages.