The Bike Collection – Niels Albert’s 2013 World Championship Colnago

The Bike Collection – Niels Albert’s 2013 World Championship Colnago

Niels Albert is a two-time winner of the World Cyclocross Championship, 2009 in Hoogerheide, The Netherlands and 2012 in Koksijde, Belgium. For the 2013 season Albert rode a fleet of Colnago Prestige bicycles and closed his season in the United States at the World Championships held in Louisville, Kentucky.

Perhaps the team staff not wanting to take the full fleet back home again or perhaps some other deal made in the pits led to this gem finding its way to Dave. This is not a replica bike or a team edition model, this is the bike ridden by the champ. Even the mud is championship mud from the 2013 race where Albert finished 8th and was won by Albert’s fellow Belgian Sven Nys.

Dave, in true Dave form, didn’t hang this bike up to be looked upon with precious reverence. He kitted up as the prize-giving River City Bicycles Black Knight and rode this bicycle in the local Cross Crusade series. Sure, it hangs prominently in the store these days but Dave very regularly encourages people to ride it. “I mean, how often can you say you rode THE world champion’s bike? Come on!”