The Bike Collection – 1972 Colnago Super

The Bike Collection – 1972 Colnago Super

Dave speaks with great affection for many of the bicycles in this series but his 1972 Colnago Super just may be the one that sits atop the list. Listen to the tone of his voice at the beginning of the film. And that wry little smile at the end? Oh man, he is smitten. And for good reason, this is a beautiful bicycle and an important one, too.

This Ernesto Colnago design, built with Columbus SL tubing, signaled the change from decades of heavy, long wheelbase bicycles born from utility origins to the race-inspired geometry built for riders such as the great Eddy Merckx. Lighter yet stiffer than bicycles of the era, the shorter wheelbase and more aggressive geometry were developed to work with the riders as racing grew increasingly faster.

We are thankful that Dave found his way to Portland all those years ago and even more so that this bicycle did as well. You can see this bicycle on any day we’re open hanging above the River City Bicycles coffee bar, (which also doubles as Dave’s shrine to Eddy Merckx). Chances are you’ll find Dave nearby as well.






1972 Colnago Super decal sheet