First Timers’ Ride

First Timers’ Ride

On Saturdays at 10 am, River City hosts a ‘First Timer’s Ride’, led by store owner David Guettler. Dave has ridden bicycles before, and will be able and willing to answer just about any question, help with any problem, and explain any difficulties you may have with regards to bicycling.

Meet us at the River City Bicycles main store parking lot. (SE MLK and Morrison).

If you would like to borrow a bike, we will be able to set you up with one, as well as a helmet.

To join the ride, you’ll need to have some experience riding a bike, so you’re comfortably able to stay upright while riding, and to brake and shift. (Still working on that? Call us! We can help get you there.)

We will plan on riding 5-8 miles–far enough to learn some basic city riding techniques that will help keep you safe.