Gates Rapha RCB Update

Gates Rapha RCB Update

The epic Cross Crusade start was Oct 7 at Alpenrose Dairy (also home of the Blind Date Wednesday night series): it was dry, fast, and rough. We rode well, rocked the look, and basically took care of business. The following Wednesday saw arguably our best race as a team, with the boys going 3-4-5-10 in the A race: a dry, fast course claimed many of lesser heart, poorer mechanical setup (did I mention the belt drive is super reliable?), and lesser courage – we persevered. And speaking of perseverance, this last weekend was Rainier and its long slog climb, made tougher this year by the addition of another uphill popper section. We rallied to finish, with Meagan putting in her second 6th place in a row, showing the women that the real path to success lies in the belt drive.

Coming up, we finish off the last 2 Blind Date Wednesdays, with PIR this Sunday and the always-memorable Halloween cross two-day race set in Bend. It will be fun!

Yours for sore legs and good times,

Alex, Seth, Meagan, Ryan, and John

Pictures below, results here:

Rainier 2012: “No need to cry, Seth: you don’t have to
go up that big bad hill any more.”

Ryan: track-stand? No: making the hill look easy!        Seth: dusty at Alpenrose

Meagan, in the picture of the year so far: